Monday, September 22, 2008

Meanwhile in Pakistan

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We're so flustered over here with our money problems, that we haven't even noticed what's going on in Pakistan. Seems the US has sort of, unofficially mind you, gotten their war on with Pakistan. The bombing in Islamabad of the Marriott Hotel is fishy at best.

After the blast, mysteriously fire was started at the fourth and fifth floors. It was said that this fire was the result of gas pipeline burst running through the hotel. The million dollar question is that was the gas pipeline not running through the other floors? Why the fire broke out from the fourth and fifth flours? That is the question which perhaps holds the key to the mystery as why the hotel was targeted yesterday, in which more than 60 people died including many foreigners.

Though it would never get confirmed but the fire on the fifth and fourth floor of the hotel broke out because those flours were housing the mysterious steel boxes under the heavy guard of United States marines and no one including the Pakistani security forces and the security men of the hotel were allowed to go near with the them. These boxes were shifted inside the hotel when the Admiral Mike Mullen met Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and others in Islamabad.

But aren't they always fishy? Well, the bomb was either intended for or to scare the new president. What's the message they were trying to send him?

The bombing, the most brazen yet apparently in a campaign by militants to destabilize Pakistan, came at a critical moment for the new president, Asif Ali Zardari. While he has pledged to continue fighting militants — now thriving in the tribal areas near the border with Afghanistan — it was unclear whether he would face political resistance making it more difficult to keep that promise.

There has always been a strong feeling in Pakistani society that using force against militants would cause them to retaliate against civilians. Although there has been no claim of responsibility for the hotel bombing, some Pakistanis say they believe it was in retribution for the military’s current campaign in Bajaur, in the tribal areas.

And now the result of the bombing?

In the wake of the bombing, politicians and the military said they were determined to press the fight in the tribal areas.

“There should be no letup now in fighting those who do not believe in negotiations and are bent upon causing destruction,” said Amir Haider Khan Hoti, the chief minister of the North-West Frontier Province.


Current and former officials in the Bush administration, who have expressed concern in the past that Pakistan was not doing enough to fight the militants, said on Sunday that they were confident that Mr. Zardari’s government would continue or even increase its counterterrorism campaign, despite the threat of more attacks against civilian targets like the Marriott Hotel.

So, a suspicious bomb goes off, nobody REALLY takes credit and the result is that the new president does even more of what the US wants with, perhaps, disastrous results for the Pakistani people.

Interesting, no? The very last line of the article, though, was an odd inclusion to say the least:
“It can be the work of America also,” Mr. Qadeer said. “Maybe our new president didn’t agree to its dictations.”

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