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Some context

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From Boing Boing, here is some footage from Palin's church.
Wasilla Assembly of God Clip

The blogger was quoted as writing:
Could this be the quickly-found smoking gun of the entire Palin Trainwreck? Check out this insane video taken inside the actual church that McCain's running mate attends, clearly showing dozens of members speaking in tongues, shuffling up and down aisles in a zombie-like trance, and flailing around on the pulpit floor like epileptic-attack victims. YES, THIS IS THE ACTUAL CHURCH SARAH PALIN BELONGS TO. My God, is McCain in trouble.
OK. This blogger is exhibiting a typical ranting thought process. He thinks it's shocking because those folks are just a bunch of 'religiocrazies' but, frankly, he's just being ignorant.

Let me just say that in Mr. Vidiot's and my travels, we have spent A LOT of time in a tongue-speaking church for research purposes. Yes, it seemed odd to me. Yes, they seemed like they were crazy. But upon further examination they are neither odd nor crazy. To them, they have a direct relationship to God. They speak to him, he speaks to them. In fact, tongues is a divine language, one that the Spirit within you gives to you so that you can communicate with God without the Devil knowing what you're talking about. It's super secret code.

If Ms. Palin grew up in this church and if she attends it frequently, this video is neither damning nor embarrassing. It merely is what it is -- the way they worship the Lord.

That being said, these people cannot, under any circumstances, separate themselves from God without backsliding. Everything they do, everything they think, is done with the thought that God is guiding them. You know those impulses you get to go left instead of right? Or to walk on this side of the street instead of that? Well, Pentecostals believe that those impulses are divine intercessions. Everything that happens to them, everything that happens to those around them happens because God wants it to happen.

There might be a small republican base that would go along with that in a leader, but trust me, when couched in those terms, many republicans would recoil at the thought of it if they really understood what being a Pentecostal meant. But I highly doubt there's a journalist or politico out there who could explain it well enough without sounding supercilious.

Oh, of course, this is assuming Palin is a true Pentecostal (which she may not be)

Also, GW Bush says he's born again, but trust me, compared to a Pentecostal, he's a freakin' heathen. Well, he's a heathen no matter what, but ESPECIALLY when compared to a Pentecostal. Those folks have it going on.

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At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pentecostal, Dominionist, whatever, I'm fairly certain that if she's a Christian as she claims, her Bible reads essentially the same as mine in Exodus 20:16.

"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor"

There's not a lot of wiggle room for misinterpretation in that passage, is there?

Gov Palin repeatedly lied in her speech purely for political gain. Here's another very direct verse:

"An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbor: but through knowledge shall the just be delivered."-Proverbs 11:9

So will the Council for National Policy, who allegedly picked her for McCain, now rebuke her for lying about Sen. Obama? Not likely. There's the matter of the millions paid to them by the Bush administration which essentially amounts to the modern day version of "buying indulgences".

Reconstructionist Christians and Catholics alike know well the evil of selling indulgences. Will they publicly recognize that receiving federal funds from Bush's "faith-based charity" program is widely perceived as having completely compromised their collective integrity?

We can recognize modern-day Pharisees when we see them, because in Matthew 23, Jesus not only left us an accurate description, He also left firm instructions as to how we should regard them!


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