Thursday, September 25, 2008

What is the bail out, really.

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Let’s reward the worst in our society.

Let’s reward those who prize money over life, worship the dollar over love, follow the golden idol, disregard truth for greed, pursue profit over peace, and sell their souls for creature comforts and power. To them, time and space are immaterial… and so are we.

Let’s place them on high pedestals, where we, the lowly, can watch them perform their dark arts. Let them dangle their power in front of us like carrots, so that we can dream and stumble through life, reaching for that carrot yet never grasping that it would be an illusion in our hands. Yet in their hands, it’s as real and solid as it seems.

And when they fall or wont, let’s pick them up, unload their burdens from their spreadsheets, wipe their worried brows, brush them off and send them on their merry way to continue to do as they have always done, what is in their nature to do; maximize profit at the expense of anything that stands in profit’s way. Until, that is, there is no more profit to be made. But what then? Profit must be made, the beast must be fed, or the beast will die. And they cannot and will not let that happen. What will happen then? Is that where it ends? Or when something worse begins?

I know. Some of us choose to ignore them, going about our lives, living off the grid or living some other sweet euphemism that shows our quiet resistance to the power around us. Some of us choose to not let it get us down, to enjoy our families, to appreciate wine or laughter or a perfect summer day. And I guess that might be fine, but is that a way to conquer the beast, or is it just a way to coexist with it?

Does it all seem as crazy and senseless to you as it seems to me? Don’t we want the beast gone?

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