Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh, no! It's time to vote again! What do I do, Mr. Voter?…

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…I recommend that you follow the sage advice my daddy gave me, even though most people were suspicious about why he always carried a cain toad in his pocket:

First establish your goal, which for me is to vote against every single GOP member on the ballot.

Second, never use the "straight Democratic" or "straight Republican" options (that's my last reference to GOP votes, as I'm a solid democratic voter) if they appear on your ballot. If you do so your vote will not register in any contest where there is not a democratic candidate running for that particular office.

Third, since I do not believe in electing Republicans, even as dogcatchers, take your time to go through the ballot, marking all the democratic candidates first. Then go through any other school board, judge, dog catcher positions and any others that appear on your ballot and vote against ALL Republican candidates, i.e., vote for the Libertarian, Independent, Voo doo candidates or any other opposition to the Republican candidate.

By doing this we can help ensure that Republicans of all stripes in any job may be voted out of office. Bush has planted thousands upon thousands of GOP crony "sleeper agents" to try and confound every action to be taken by our next President, Barack Obama, so let's vote out as many as we can.

And fourth and lastly, if the Republican's do manage the cheat, lie, steal or otherwise connive their way into another win against the tremendous odds against them, put your head between your knees and kiss your ass good-bye, 'cause John McInsane will soon have us embroiled in nuclear war with Russia or China, or maybe both, either of which countries can easily beat our depleted forces and totally overwhelm us with nuclear weapons.

So ends my Mr. Voter advice for today.

Thank you.

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