Friday, October 03, 2008

OK. Forced myself to read some of the blogs.

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Both dKos and talkingpointsmemo are all over it. So is redstate for that matter. And, as expected, each side, left and right, thinks their candidate won (though most of the polls say Biden won, but that's sort of a given. Of course he's going to win. He's got the techniques, he's seasoned, he's got the knowledge. There was never any doubt about that.)

So, if you read the left side of the narrow discourse spectrum, Biden won and Palin didn't embarrass herself entirely, though, she didn't bother to answer any of the questions. If you read the right side, Palin exceeded all expectations and Biden seemed dry and boring. Score one big one for the McCain camp.

(Oh, FYI, Bosniak IS the correct term to use when referring to Bosnian Muslims. I learned something.)

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