Thursday, October 23, 2008

Will early voting mark the end of Republican "fixing" of elections?…

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…I was greatly heartened yesterday to hear on the cable news networks that, in states where early voting is allowed, not only were record numbers of votes being cast, but the votes cast almost invariably were running almost 2-1 for Obama.

It is no secret that new voter registrations numbers have been democratic by a hugh margin. This hopefully means that between the tremendous numbers of new democratic registrations and , as stated above, the early ballots running 2-1 in favor of democrats and against Republicans, that it will be extremely difficult for the Republican Party to cheat democratic voters with their usual nasty dirty tricks.

You know, where the Republicans in districts leaning their way get 40-50 voting machines so there is no waiting, while in democratic leaning precincts only a half-dozen or fewer machines are provided to guarantee that democratic voters will face loooong lines and wait times of several hours to cast their votes. The early voting will also make it more difficult for Republican sycophants to be at each precinct to mount innumerable phony challenges of votes cast, more often then not without any basis in fact, again dragging out the voting process so long that many people would give up and go home after standing in lines for six or seven hours waiting to cast their vote.

The seemingly upcoming certain defeat is already weighing heavily on John McInsane, although Mountain Woman Sarah remains so politically inept and unaware that she doesn't seem to realize she will soon be back in Alaska shooting wolves and foxes from low-flying airplanes so she can enjoy the sight of the animals writhing in the snow dying in a manner most cruel.

The true winners of this election, when Obama wins, will be the American people in whose behalf our new president will be able to find out where all the bodies are buried, dig 'em up, and turn them over to appropriate agencies for full prosecution for the war crimes, torturing of captives who may or may not be guilty of any crime at all, and bringing the Gitmo prisoners to America where the torture and mistreatment of them can be exposed at last, where it can be shown that these persons cannot now be tried for any charges due to their endless torture and deprivation of even the most basic civil rights, and malfeasance in office of the bush maladministration that has bankrupted our country, embarrassed us all in the eyes of the world, and that has brought naught but shame and dishonor to all American citizens.

I voted yesterday I'm proud to say, and even though a person's vote is a private matter I can confirm that the initials of the candidates for whom I voted are Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

It's time to take our country back from the jerks that have done nothing but denigrate this country in words and deeds.

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At 1:41 PM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

Actually, early voting runs the risk of having a disproportionately high number of republicans showing up on Nov 4 and having the exit polls reflect that, thus making it easier to steal the election for the republicans. Because the perception will be that there were more McCain voters. The exit polls will be meaningless, but they'll not be touted as such.

At 11:53 AM, Anonymous bill arnett said...

Although you make a valid point I'm not sure that there won't still be more democratic voters showing up at the polls on Nov 4. Obama has a voter registration team and get out the vote teams better than ever even imagined by the rethugs. Plus the public is more motivated to cast out rethugs than I have ever seen before. I believe we are witnessing, if not the death of, the driving of the rethug party into the wilderness, where it will be a long time before they can regain any kind of respectability.

Utter disrespect and contempt such as the rethugs have brought upon themselves will decide this election, I believe. I have been wrong before, but listening to the sheer vitriol being spewed by rethugs themselves I think even they see the handwriting on the wall.


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