Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What else is a girl to do?…

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…headline from the Huffington Post:
This is going beyond the pale. Sure Sarah was forced to wear a bearskin bikini when she won first runner-up for Ms. Alaska while the winner appeared in fresh baby seal-hide, but it's just not fair to criticize a woman who single-handedly drove the city of 7,800 citizens, of which she was mayor, into over $20 million in debt without expecting her to go wild purchasing clothes that don't have actual animal hair on them.

I really think she deserves a pass on this one. I mean she couldn't campaign in her camo- fatigues, packing high-powered rifles, and continuing to shoot helpless animals from the safety of an airplane could she?

And when would she have found the time to skin, salt the hide, tan the leather, and then stitch together the hides into a nice svelte outfit suitable for the campaign trail?

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