Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And another stupid headline from…

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Peggy Noonan: Media "Mischief": Making Palin Face Of The GOP
Got some news for Peggy. REPUBLICANS made Sarah Palin the face of the GOP, and through her ineptitude, arrogance and discernible, non-thinking, unbelievably crass obliviousness to the world around her or anything beyond the view of her eyeballs (and in some cases even then), and her ignorance of world affairs, leaders, concerns, or anything at all important going on she has proven that she is entirely capable of running the GOP, whose hallmark is incompetence, inability to govern, and bankrupting the richest nation on earth.

Seems to me Sarah is your perfect leader and she should be the face of your party for at least the next fifty years. (Wouldn't that make a helluva ancient Chinese curse? My Sarah Palin be your guide and leader for the next fifty years.)

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