Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stop staying that!

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That money they're printing up and giving to the banks, whenever I hear reference to you it, I hear the words, "It's our money" or something like that.

But it's not "our money" and it has never been "our money." It's THEIR money and always has been. They issue it, they print it, they count it, they tax it, they spend it on wars, they decide who gets most of it, they kill for it, they play with it, they waste it. We did not say, "enslave us." They just enslaved us. We did not say, "starve us." They just starved us. We did not say, "kill those people." They just killed whomever they wanted and did it in our name. We did not say, "destroy our forests." They just plowed them under anyway. We did not say, "Pollute our land and poison our water." They just polluted and poisoned anyway. And they did it all because it is profitable for them. We're just along for the ride. We have no control or say in any of it.

So, do you really consider it "our money" or are you ready to realize that it's not and it never has been?

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