Sunday, November 23, 2008

And another thing to consider…

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…about this flurry of activity by bush, appointing unqualified cronies to "civil service" employment, and making hundreds of changes, to environmental laws, oil drilling laws, and mining restrictions, and other environmentally damaging policies, I have only this to say.

Anything bush does in his waning days of rule can be reversed, either by a new executive order or act of congress. Our Constitution does not say that anything done (especially illegal stuff) by one president can't ever be undone by a future presidentor or that we must knowingly tolerate people clearly unqualified for the job to which they were appointed, even civil servants.

For the civil servants, require that they pass a written pass in their field of science or whatever, or just fire them and let them sue the government for redress just like anyone else. After a few years entangled in the legal system, paying their own attorneys, of course, I imagine most would settle very quickly. And I bet any miniscule settlements made would be vastly cheaper than leaving these people in position.

The people shouldn't have to knowingly suffer by rules set by crony-run jerks that know nothing of what they are doing, and no former president can inflict such further damage on America by his illegal acts and malfeasance in office with impunity.

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