Monday, December 29, 2008

Ain't it weird that when interviewing "pundits" from differing school of thought…

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…the Democratic representative almost always calls for unity of our country and offers several useful ideas about how things may be done with only a tiny bit of cooperation not the current Senate Republican policy of constant obstruction offered by Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority leader.

I am sure that Senator McConnell would hold a filibuster and stall any medical help that would be of direct help to his relatives, even if it were his own mother, if it was proposed or written by the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Senate will find a way around McConnell eventually as the RNC comes to realize with ever greater acuity that their very jobs count on helping the Democratic Party to pass much needed legislation and reforms.

I have always said the Republicans and their "yoyo" policies will insure the demise of the RNC (and possible America for good measure).

And for anyone not familiar with the "yoyo" policy it means this: The RNC has no inclination to help the unemployed (Let 'em go get a job!), the help needed by the infirm poor (Let them eat cake!), creation of universal medical care (Let 'em pay their own way, I've got mine!), and that if you were lying by the roadside, on fire, they could not be bothered to stop and p*ss on your face to put it out (Let him call the fire department with his cell phone). Hence the "you are on your own", yoyo, policies are so divisive and destructive

Ah, yes! Being a Republican while the country crumbles to insignificance around them, while they sip their champaign at a donor sponsored luncheon, where the RNC snatches up tens of thousands in monetary donations in their own self-interest while the rest of the country can go to hell.

I'm sick unto death with these RNC policies that have led directly to the demise of America as we used to know it.

Where does it stop? When will legislative become more than a card to be won at all costs, including burning any/all of the good cards in the deck you don't like?

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