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I have nothing in particular to link to regarding the Mumbai attacks. Only an observation on the media.

I just heard yet again (on BBC World) that the attacks are connected to Pakistan in some way. It's like they all mention it in passing like it's common knowledge. Brian Williams did it last night. The corporate-owned newspapers toss it around like candy. It's just repeated over and over like it's already a fact. Singing with one voice, they are.

Now, think back to when Georgia attacked S. Ossetia. Every single news outlet was saying Russia attacked Georgia. Russia invaded Georgia. As sure as the Earth is round, Russia was the aggressor against Georgia. But what happened? Even the New York Times had to eventually admit that wasn't the case.

Of course, Russia as the bad guy suited the media's anti-Putin narrative as well as fitted in nicely with the Bush administration's foreign policy choices in that region. So too does Pakistan as bad guy suit the media's anti-Pakistan rhetoric as well as fitting in with the administration's actions regarding that country.

So, it's obvious, Pakistan had nothing to do with it. Nothing. Nada. Niente. Null.

Who did do it? I have my ideas, but no proof. However, if you check off everyone the media is suggesting it could be, they're probably not the ones. It's the ones they're NOT mentioning that did it. I'd bet money on that.

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