Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Somebody intends to get their share, and yours. too…

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…with the TV screaming this morning the dire warnings that America is very likely to suffer a nuclear, biological or chemical attack within the next four to five years.

Hm. Let's see. Just what will be happening in four years that the effort to scare people spitless must start now? Oh, yeah! the 2012 elections when Mountain Mama Sarah Palin, much like the beloved bears she loves to kill for sport, will arise from hibernation and once again, wearing a moose-skin miniskirt, a beaver shirt complete with its own bib, and her coonskin cap, packing all the guns with which she shoots helpless animals from airplanes just to watch them writhe in agony and die, and with the help of the rnc attempt to war and fear-monger the masses into voting for a rethug since everybody ('cept 63 million Obama voters) knows only the righteous rnc and their right hand, the military-industrial-complex (which will probably still be being lead by General Petraeus) are the only people who may pray for the hand of god, filled with nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons to come down from the ether and smite all the bad guys dead.

Or people could instead remember that we are where we are in our current dire straits and facing many thousands of additional threats due to the actions of that same rnc, as lead by Mr. Incompetent himself, gw bush, who has done an amazing job of isolating us in the world, at least among civilized nations, and increasing the animosity others feel for America by a thousand-fold.

Is it time once again, as I remember from my youth, to start practicing "duck and cover", hiding under school desks for protection from the coming holocaust, and with the proviso that NO ONE, under any circumstances, eats the snow until it has been tested and found to have radiation levels within those guidelines established by the government? Ah, the good old days when a well-built school desk could protect you from being obliterated by nuclear weapons or the hand of god.

So it remains perfectly clear that the rnc wishes to continue its destructive ways to try and get ahead and win elections.

I marvel, and remain in awe, of the power of rethugs to utterly ignore reality and continue to exist in their own little fictional world where "yoyo" (your own your own) rules, the rich reign and prosper, and if you can't afford a home, medical care, or food it is obviously your fault for not being a putz loyal gop'er who will believe anything told them whether they are alone or with somebody.

So start getting scared folks. At this rate we'll be under attack (and therefore martial law) before Obama can even be inaugurated. And ain't it weird that the threat will grow ever more dire the closer the country comes to election time again?

But it must be true - the report comes from republican "think-tanks."

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