Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stupidity Squared plus Idiocy to the 50th power…

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…added to a good bit of TINYB (This is not your business) and you have the Blogojevich matter in a universe-sized nutshell.

It has not been proven Blogojevich committed any crime. It has not been proven that he is in imminent danger of being convicted of a crime.

Having committed no crime and operating under the old American law, he is guilty of nothing, retains full rights of citizenship and the rights appurtenant thereto and is free to pursue his job until such time as circumstances change (If they do.)

Part of his duties includes the selection of a senator to fill the seat now open because Obama was elected, and, as that is the law, all the newsreaders crying in their coffee showing a lack of critical thinking skills, and those writhing in heavenly glory in their ignorance hoping to smear Democrats are, thusly, operating on baseless opinions that are even more worthless than the paper this is not printed upon.

Or they possess voo-doo skills unknown to the vast land mass of America.

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