Monday, January 26, 2009

"I've been compiling my list and checking it twice"…

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…and realized that with the numbers being where they are in the Senate, Republicans can again play obstructionists and filibuster a good deal of very fine legislation in a vain hope people won't think that the GOP isn't completely useless and incapable of governing as they have spent the last years proving.

Well, I call BS on this. This was the only good idea John McCain proposed: expose worthless Senators who propose wasteful spending and report the name, position, state and city which they represent, to include those filibustering just to be filibustering like Mitch McConnell.

President Obama should have a staff member with the sole job of counting votes and reporting every time a senseless filibuster is proposed by Republican.

It's not even that there would be hugh numbers involved, just keep hammering away with newspaper and radio ads naming names, writing political epitaphs, and putting the picture of all the obstructers in their hometown papers and Washington. There are many Senators coming up for reelection in 2010, and I'm certain their constituents would just LOVE to know why good, valuable, and important legislation is being held up for bullsh*t reasons by bullsh*t idiots that don't realize they are standing in five feet of bullsh*t for partisan reasons, primarily trying to make the Obama administration appear as useless, incompetent fools just like the GOP which has virtually destroyed America and its fine ideals of democratic governance for the good of all, or at least as many citizens.

If those citizens knew who was filibustering when there is general support for a bill maybe in two years they will throw out all the GOP scoundrels and help the Obama administration get the majorities they need to pass whatever is needed for the sake of our country.

Call your Senators and tell them you will brook no more garbage from them and that they must work for the combined good of America and not just the usual GOP crap that insures more of the same from the last eight years.

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