Sunday, March 01, 2009

Dude, your food is writhing.

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How often do you get to say that to somebody?

Well, I actually got to say it tonight. A bunch of us went to eat at a Korean tapas place called Typhoon on St. Marks in the city. We were there, just chatting away, sipping our sake and they brought the plate out and it was a plate of thick noodles with some sort of shaved looking things on it and the shaved little things, it turns out, was a fish and it apparently hadn't been dead very long because the acetylcholine was still kicking in and these thin bits of flesh were writhing on the noodles. Nobody else noticed right away. I did, but thought I was imagining it. Mr. Vidiot was the only one who was like, "Oh my god, do you see that?!" Honestly though? It was very tasty.

Overall, I find the food there to be quite flavorful and quite affordable. If you're ever in the city and feel like eating pork belly or kimchee, I recommend it. But it does get pretty crowded around feeding time, which is closer to 9pm than most people outside New York would consider proper.

More of my adventures in gastronomy. (Remember, I'm the one who ate fried worms in Mexico)



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