Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An admission of guilt.

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The British government has been ordered to release the damning minutes of a meeting from the lead-up to the Iraq war. Now, we all know what those minutes will reveal. They will reveal the the government lied, knew that they were lying and were not particularly bothered by having to lie. Of course, Jack Straw said, "no, uh-uh"
He added that the public interest in disclosure of the minutes could not "supplant the public interest in maintaining the integrity of our system of government".

"It is a necessary decision to protect the public interest in effective cabinet government," he said.
Read that again: "[Maintain] the integrity of our system of government." AS IF government has any integrity left to preserve in the first place. Basically, he's saying the facade must be maintained, damn the people's desire to know.

I love it when these politicos tell the truth without meaning to.

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