Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I've got a question about this whole AIG bailout thing…

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…a bailout that to me indicates AIG has broken nearly every contract they have, especially the social and legal contracts made with those whom they insure.

Since they have broken so many pieces of their contracts with us and the government now owns nearly 80% of the company, why aren't ALL their contracts considered null and void, particularly those contracts with the managers and CEOs now receiving bonuses directly from its major stockholders, i.e., we the people.

With an 80% ownership status it seems that every employee contract should be reconsidered: Every single employee should be directed to submit resignations to the Obama Administration with a team of Obama appointed executors deciding which resignation they will accept or not.

Perhaps if they were strung up by the thumbs (Cheney could handle all torture), tied to the rack, enclosed within an Iron Maiden, thumb screws applied, branded as idiots with a burning hot rod, and forced to listen endlessly to the collective speeches of gw bush they would learn their lessons and capitulate.

Or maybe not. They could all be masochists out for a cheap thrill.

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