Monday, March 16, 2009

At least we know how New York will spend its bailout…

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…money: rebuilding the World Trade Center which will again rise from 70 feet underground to once again being the highest point in NYC.

It makes me wonder why, in these perilous financial times, a city would devote so much time and money doing something that will probably cost a few billion dollars and provide nothing to us commoners.

They have already begun construction and have ordered over 220,000 lbs. of steel. I'm sure the poor, the ill, infirm, the uneducated child, the jobless, and the homeless will get down on bended knee and praise the Lord that there will be a new shining jewel of a building for them to worship while they suffer interminably.

Something needs to change when the building of a new edifice takes priority over the care of the above-mentioned groups of people. Somebody has failed to think this through. The time to rebuild the WTC was immediately after they were felled and before our former occupant of the White House, and congress, set out on their grand adventure of starting two wars and allowing the banks and insurance companies the privilege of destroying our economy, exacerbating almost every single problem we had and have.

I think all insurance companies should be like Lloyd's of London, the ownership of which is spread among the investors who cannot file bankruptcy until each and everyone of its owners have sold every last asset, even personal ones, to the point where they themselves are completely destitute; the British are sticklers when it comes to insurance.

People before insurance companies! What a concept!

But I'm growing my beard, weaving my robes, making new sandals, carving a new staff, readying myself for the long trek to NYC, and preparing to abase myself before this new edifice to god man's folly.

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