Friday, March 20, 2009

A man going into NYC saw a rather well dressed man…

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…standing by the foot of a long bridge with no pedestrian lanes. He stopped by the man and asked him where he was going, to which the man replied, "I'm an investment banker trying to get a ride across the river and my limousine broke down about a mile back."

Said the man driving, "I have plenty of room and I am also headed downtown, so may I offer you a ride?"

The investment banker stated, "That would be quite kind of you, sir," and got into the automobile.

As soon as they had crossed the river the hitchhiker drew a gun from his briefcase and stole the kind man's wallet, clothes, and his car, leaving the kind man broke, naked and freezing in the cold.

"Why, oh why after I have shown you such kindness would you do such a horrible thing as this to me," wailed the kind man.

Laughing a wild, maniacal laugh the thief hitchhiker stuck his head out the window and shouted back to the man, "I TOLD you I was an investment banker and you were still stupid enough to help me, so don't seek any pity now!"

An updated fable for our times.

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