Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why is it that cable news keeps interviewing…

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…farging iceholes (h/t to Johnny Dangerously) like Eric Cantor to ask them how to make the economy turnaround when the GOP lead the charge to bankruptcy for this country?

I'm so sick up and fed (h/t Cheech and Chong) with that tired, old, untrue mantra of the GOP that, "Democrats will tax and spend! Democrats will tax and spend!"

Especially when it was gw bush and the GOP as his vanguard that borrowed and spent trillions after trillions after trillions of dollars that sank America into this mess?

Shameless hypocrites out to destroy America and make it their own personal fiefdom dominated by the rich and financed on the backs of ordinary workers, sadly diminishing pay, and other forms of aid only a government provide, i.e., Katrina.

The GOPs answer to part of this crisis is not to uplift the American worker, but to actually lower the wages of Americans down to the level of workers from other countries. Boy, that's sure to help, eh? Gonna pay your mortgage with one-half to one-third of your wages taken from you?

If their were ever a political party that deserved to die an ugly death it is certainly the GOP.

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