Monday, April 06, 2009

Greetings Truthologists,

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OK...the veneer has worn off Mr. Obama and his cohorts and after today's news I have had it. He now throws his towel in with the previous group of neo-fascists and declares that the wiretapping illegalities are all about "state secrets." Thanks Barack for the nice casual dismissal of The Bill of Rights and false claims to accountability in government. We are now officially not impressed with your speeches.

I am coming out of semi-retirement because I need an official outlet for my anger and disappointment that does not injure me, my furniture, my human associates or the infrastructure of my dwelling! I am going to write and write and write until I get this crap off of my chest and you...lucky readers, will be the benefactors of some moments of brilliant clarity.

I have issues, boy do I have issues. I cannot attempt to cover them all at once so I will be covering one or so per week till I'm satisfied that I have spoken truth.

I have realized that it is now time to connect with the infinite creative force in our universe, whatever that might be, and let a few things be clear. I know the following to be true from experience: 1. Love is stronger that hate 2. Hope is stronger than fear. 3. Good is stronger than evil. Let's just start with that as a premise.

I will be sharing my thoughts in these upcoming missives with only one internet blog and where it goes from there I care not. In addition I think I have figured out a remedy and will be adding pieces of it as I go along. I have had way too much time to think. At long last, having totally shunned mass media or anything that even comes close, as well as even normal distractions like movies and games. I am prepared to delve into the approaching apocalypse with no pretensions and let the truth fall where it may. I don't expect or even care for that matter who agrees with me or who I offend because I am perhaps the world's most unbullshittable person on the planet and I want to know for the good of my kids what this life is going to represent in ten or twenty years. I hope I end up somewhere on the common-sense side of every individual who reads what I have to say.

Although I write as per pseudonym, I will tell you a bit about myself. My initiation into life on earth began in smalltown USA....I mean average-averageville for sure and had a fairly normal upbringing with three (now two) brothers. I knew physical assault, thievery, conspiracy and connivance as well as love, security, trust and respect without ever having met any other individuals in my age group other than my brothers! We grew up together and alternately tormented and protected one another fiercely. We lived in many large major cities...Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and then moved on to our own devices in places far and wide. I arrived home after a bus ride in fifth grade in full belief that we were going to be fried with nuclear weapons that night due to the Cuban missile crisis. Kennedy was murdered during my shop class in seventh grade. I sat anguished in the back of a Volkswagen squareback as WCFL in Chicago spouted out the draft lottery numbers...ever so high school wrapped up and the future presented itself. I watched Chicago riot and I watched Chicago burn. I stayed lukewarm during the Cold War and helped bring about the end to the Vietnam conflict. I have participated in every anti-war effort within my ability to participate. I worked with Carl Sagan in Ithaca, NY as he explained the physics of a Nuclear Winter. I organized the music for the first official welcome home for the Vietnam vets in Chicago, Grant Park 1988. It was for this I was presented with their flag, which I cherish deeply. I abhor violence and the application of it as a way to solve problems. I abhor greed. I am a team player not a lone nut. I am keenly aware of my surroundings and am skeptical of everything that I am told to believe. I have a deep love of nature and the gift it gives to all who embrace it and I recoil at attempts to ruin it. I am not an academic. I am a working man and have been since I was thirteen. I find work to be the noblest ethic. I am a musician and artist and it is that which has pulled me through the leanest and meanest of times. I am profoundly patriotic in a sense more in line with the soul of our birth as a nation and a lot less in line with magnetic ribbons. I owned and operated a tavern for 17 years. I am a thinker and a questioner. I stand now in awe of the colossal timidity and willful stupidity of the American people and their collective repose in the face of the unparalled abuse they are receiving. I aim to eat at the foundation of this somnambulance and ignite a few well-justified patriotic fires as I proceed. I adore the Constitution and the people who wrote it. I do not want its meaning or words to ever perish from the earth and I want those who deride it and dilute it to be held accountable, period! I am heretofore an enemy of empty rhetoric, broken oaths, and meaningless soliloquies. It's time to boogie or claim openly that you don't know how to dance.

I look forward to our ongoing relationship and welcome all response, because a closed conversation is a sign of something that too closely resembles our government right now. Let it rip. Tell me why I am wrong. If I am, I will admit it. I love being proven wrong because inevitably I learn something.

Look forward to my first subject, an overview of subjects that need attention, and an initial dive into the pool next week.


Update by The Vidiot: Glad to finally have you on board dude. Let 'er rip!

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