Friday, April 17, 2009

Praying for Theocracy in Okla. reads the headline……

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Last time we checked in on the Oklahoma legislature, some members were trying (unsuccessfully) to remove from the official record a session-opening prayer delivered by Rev. Scott H. Jones, pastor of Oklahoma City's Cathedral of Hope who happened to mention his "loving partner and fiance, Michael."

No objection was made after a more recent opening-session prayer delivered by Rev. Wade Burleson, pastor of Enid's Emmanuel Baptist Church who happened to mention his disdain for atheists and secular humanists: "Let the secular humanists lead the socialists, let the atheists lead the totalitarian governmental regimes, but may only believers in God lead our democracy," Burleson said.

I think they call that a theocracy. Burleson's prayer reminds me of a line from a song by Oklahoma native Garth Brooks: "Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers."
I am a full-blown atheist so I don't necessarily agree that only god-fearing people should lead this country.

And a right-righteous, sanctified "man of god," such as Rev. Wade Burleson should, by way of establishing and confirming the belief that god exists, provide empirical proof that an actual god exists, or STFU.

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