Friday, April 17, 2009

That's it, they have gone way to far now…

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…and it's high time they level with the citizens of this country.

I speak, of course, about the Obama administration releasing more of the torture memos that constitutes the greatest shame in American history, courtesy of bushco and cohorts.

I think one of the worst outcomes of this is that for the first time it has been revealed that confining prisoners in cells full of insects was used as a method of torture. Now Obama has directed a stop to this injustice too, but he has increased our unemployment exponentially.

But did he stop and consider all the insects that are now out of work? How will they feed their hundreds of thousands of baby insects? Where in the private sector is there a demand for insects specifically trained to torture illegally held prisoners? Isn't the unemployment rate high enough already?

And just what is going to happen if those insects escape Gitmo, wipe out the Cubans, and then board ships (or say, a piece of wood) headed to America? Do we have a policy in place regarding intercepting insect covered drift wood? Do we have plans in place a plan to deport this obvious threat? To what country would we deport them?

Will they train millions of other insects in the fine art of torturing human beings? Would they use these dark arts to conquer every government and subjugate all the citizens as slaves to serve their needs? When will these insects eventually overthrow our government and seize control of America?

All citizens MUST demand an explanation to include what we will do with these insects.

Sending them all to gw bush and family is the best and most logical thing to do as insects rarely accumulate armies to attack other insects.

But they do love carrion, and I can't think of any American citizen as depraved or more deserving, as gw bush, so let us send them all to him.

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