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Voter Fraud and the GOP: Pure, pitiful poppycock…

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…Obviously this post is about a past event, the 2008 Elections, but I can't stand listening to a bunch of whining cowards and TRAITORS denigrate free elections and making false accusations to disenfranchise so many. (I have decided to call a spade a spade: the GOP is not just "the party of no," they are outright traitors that are actively seeking the destruction of the American government and, by extension the destruction of America as a world power.)

A small sampling of the cases in which the GOP has filed charges, demonstrating the infinitesimal problem voter fraud actually plays in an election, and the ridiculously overblown rhetoric of the republican party of traitors. I will only reprint the first sentence of the cases listed for the sake of space.

From the GOPs official website linked here:
Missouri- 01.06.09
A voter registration worker with the group ACORN has been indicted on two felony counts of voter registration fraud.…

Florida- 12.17.08
Authorities have arrested two Stuart residents accused of committing voter fraud by illegally participating in an election.…

Pennsylvania- 11.25.08
A 34-year-old Chester man arrested last month for alleged voter-registration fraud admitted his guilt yesterday in Delaware County Court. Jemar Barksdale, an ex-employee of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), was accused of turning in voter-registration cards for 18 already-registered voters

Ohio- 11.20.08
The Lorain County Board of Elections on Wednesday referred three cases of suspected voter fraud to County Prosecutor Dennis Will.…

Ohio- 11.19.08
An East Side (Columbus) man is accused of filing false voter registrations and requests for absentee ballots for himself and seven others from the same address…

Michigan- 10.28.08
Attorney General Mike Cox announced that his office filed felony forgery charges against Grand Rapids residents Robin Anderson and Patty Beth Wallace in 61st District Court in Grand Rapids as a result of multiple voter registration application forgeries.

Pennsylvania- 10.21.08
On Tuesday, Delaware County officials announced the arrest of a 34-year-old Chester man for election-related offenses. Delaware County District Attorney G. Michael Green said Jemar Barksdale, an ex-employee of ACORN, turned in voter registration cards for 18 already-registered voters, altering information and forging signatures.…

Wisconsin- 10.14.08
A third worker for Community Voters Project in Wisconsin has been charged with election fraud after prosecutors say he turned in 54 fake registrations

Virginia- 10.15.08
[One] 22-year-old Norfolk woman who worked for a national voter registration organization was indicted Wednesday on three counts of felony election fraud.…

Michigan- 10.14.08
On Tuesday, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox charged [one] former ACORN worker with forgery in connection with voter registration applications the worker submitted…

Wisconsin- 10.07.08
Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced today that the Election Fraud Task Force has brought its second electoral fraud case…
And these 119 cases, most still in the accusatory stage and haven't been brought to trial are just the ones listed on the first page of the official GOP.com website.

Just how pitiful is it when the GOP, the party of traitors, cites a mere 119 possible voter fraud accusations and a very few convictions seek to use this pittance of information to try and disenfranchise hundred and hundreds of voters by filing what they know are bogus complaints of a crime not yet committed, or where the evidence is so tenuous there are only a small number of convictions (and, by the way, I saw no mention of Mann Coulter's recent easily provable voter fraud case).

According to CNN 127 million votes were cast in 2009, so it is highly unlikely these 119 votes would have had any statistical affect on the election.

The Party of Traitors, the Party of No, the Party actively seeking the destruction of the American Government, the GOP, has a very long way to go to provide proof of any substantial evidence of rampant voter fraud.

And I'm sick up and fed with that bunch of whiners and traitors doing everything they can to bring this country down, something they almost succeeded doing with bush/cheney in charge.

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