Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Change, change, change*

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On a personal note: I have a habit of emptying my pockets every night and tossing all my change into a brass bowl. When that gets full, (and it takes a while because I use my credit/debit card for most purchases), I transfer the change to a coffee can. Today the coffee can was full and the brass bowl was full.

Which is the long way around of saying: I got a new iPod!

I lost the last one when I put it in my laptop bag, (only Dell would design a laptop bag with outside 'pockets' that had no bottom.) I had so many fond memories of that iPod. [/sigh] But this one is much better and cheaper.

I love my iPod.

*My apologies to Aretha for the title.

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At 12:02 AM, Blogger Cookie Jill said...

I love my "old school" pod. One of the first out. Dinosaur in Tech Time years.

6000+ songs and still going, although, when I haul the old thing out, people gawk and ask "what's that?"


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