Thursday, June 18, 2009

The (S)election In iran

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I have no idea who really won. Juan Cole, a pretty knowledgeable professor, seems to think Mousavi won. Robert Fisk, who has remained in Iran to cover the aftermath of the election, initially thought it was stolen, but now thinks that Ahmadinejad won, only that the numbers were beefed up to humiliate Mousavi. There has been tons of parsing of the twittering coming out of Iran, most of it pro Mousavi, and none of it is verifiable as actual inside-Iran twitters. (Interestingly, the Obama administration asked Twitter to not update its servers until after the crisis had passed so as not to disrupt the alleged Iran twittering. Could go either way with that; either the US is the one doing the twittering or the twitters are real and the US doesn't want to appear to be interfering.)

(HahahahahahHAHHAHAHAHhhahaha! OK, Sorry. "US doesn't want to appear to be interfering." Sometimes I crack myself up.)

I have no idea what to make of it all. Could it be 1953 all over again? Could the US Government, by way of the usual CIA tactics, be attempting a coup in Iran? Mousavi is definitely the West's guy. The neocons want him in for sure. And it's not like the US doesn't have a history of manipulating elections and installing a puppet in order to get what they want. And one thing you can say about Ahmadinejad is he is NOT a puppet of the US. He sometimes plays into US hands, and he definitely somebody's puppet, but he's not OUR puppet.

All the demonstrations (complete with signage in English no less), all of the media spin, points to the fact that the US government wanted Mousavi to be elected. SO, I have to say, just on that point alone, I have to agree with Fisk. I think Ahmadinejad won, just not as big as the results indicate. And additionally, my own thought is that the Ayatollah ordered the numbers beefed up as a big F-you to the US (via Mousavi), just to slap some icing on that bad daddy.

Just another nail in the coffin of US hegemony.

As an aside, I find it fascinating that those folks who wouldn't possibly consider that the US elections are falsified, are so willing and ready to jump on the "election was stolen" bandwagon when it comes to Iran. It can't happen here, they think, but there, well, of course THERE it's what they do. It's not us, but them.

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At 11:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amadinejad is essentially the puppet of Shia fundamentalism's religious oligarchy, just as Obama is the alternative conservative puppet of fundamentalist Zionism. Of the two, Amadinejad appears to be the morally more faithful.

He certainly is not treating his country's protestors any worse than America has treated its own (I have yet to see any "Free-Speech" zones over there ...), and we must also assess this judgement in the shadow of billions of American dollars being purloined to the Iranian "oppostion."

Indeed, do you prefer believing that America's CIA would NEVER finance the covert inflating of Amadinejad's own electoral victory numbers for the specific purpose of then showing this covertly manufactured "evidence" as "proof" of a "bogus" election?


At 9:58 AM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

good point. the CIA COULD create evidence to convict as easily as try to rig it so Amadinejad lost. However, if you read "legacy of ashes" that's not really their m.o.


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