Thursday, July 02, 2009

Well, at least I won't have to watch the news for a few weeks…

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…now that a guy who sold a boatload of records has passed away. Yes, I'm speaking of Michael Jackson (and for the first, only, and last time) who's claim to fame is the millions made selling records, popularizing the 'moonwalk', and who once showcased the talents of Elmer Berstein in a song called Thriller.

I have nothing against the worlds most well-known androgynous performer, but in my opinion he suffered mental maladies so severe as to, allegedly, deliberately infect himself with a disease in an attempt to make himself whiter. A sad, sad man and, IMHO, NOT an example we should hold forth to children as some type of demigod to be worshipped and feted for day after day after day, with every self-appointed friend and expert (think Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc.) propounding they were the closer and better friend and all the others are frauds and cannot speak for the family.

What a shame the family didn't get a period of mourning before providing the funeral for their lost family member and instead are barraged daily and non-stop by every talking head, commenters, supposed friends, people with their own agenda, and people desiring and aspiring to be able to claim friendship, however tangential and tenuous may be the connection they claim, seeking to accrue fame by an appearance on TV or a radio talk show where Jackson's name is mentioned.

Yes he was talented, but I believe a blind fool could see that he possessed more than a sufficient number of problems to keep teams of psychiatrists busy for a lifetime, and parents failing to explain this to all the little children are being derelict in their parental duties unless, as many will, they simply ignore all the brouhaha.

Which brings me 'round full circle to the fact that it will be unnecessary to tune in any cable news networks which will be broadcasting all Michael, all the time, until something really important or catastrophic occurs.

A real time saver, as I need not watch all the hoopla; just change the station or watch any of my over 2,000+ DVD's (My son got this really cool movie database where you just scan in the barcode using the Macs built-in camera, revealing a wealth of information from the barcode, and making it easy to alphabetize them to shelve them in order. I thought I only had 1,000-1,200 DVDs so you can imagine my surprise at the final count!). (I have entirely too much time on my hands!)

May he R.I.P. finally rid of all the hangers-on, sycophants, hustlers, and others seeking to use or attach themselves to his fame and ride his coattails for self- aggrandizement. The dogs will be fighting for every scrap of Jackson's fortune for years to come instead of paying tribute, offering their respects to their 'hero', and letting him rest in peace.

My condolences to Jackson's family.

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