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A perfect example of why America will never again be…

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…considered a friend, ally, a country to be respected or emulated, a defender of the oppressed, or a country of compassionate, kind people striving to improve both America and the world.

See this article from the NYT:
Four people, including a wife of the Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud, were killed Wednesday by what local residents said was a missile strike from an American drone.

The missile struck a house in the remote Zanghra village in South Waziristan about 1 a.m. Wednesday. Local residents reached by telephone confirmed that one of the wives of Mr. Mehsud, the leader of Tehrek-e-Taliban Pakistan, was among those killed. Her name or age could not be confirmed.

Five others, including four children, were reportedly wounded in the missile strike.…

Publicly, Pakistani officials condemn the drone strikes, saying they result in anger and resentment against the United States.
Geez, ya think? Once again, instead of having the military capture or kill the single person whom they are hunting, America has chosen to use the blunt and indiscriminate weapon of a precision guided missile fired from an unmanned aerial drone, which is certain to unleash a justifiable rage and continuing hatred of Americans and the supposedly 'good' intentions of a supposedly honorable country.

To the primitive tribesmen of these desolate areas this simply demonstrates and confirms beyond doubt that America will freely commit war crimes, cross borders at will, and use weapons of mass destruction to slaughter totally innocent women and children while attempting to kill a single man. Oh, what cowards have we become? How can anyone reasonably believe that America is a good nation, composed of people of good will, when America continues to kill and kill and kill anyone who, not guilty of any crime, just happens to suffer the misfortune to be in the area where a suspected terrorist is 'thought' to be?

America, thanks to bush/cheney policies and the continuation of those illegal policies by the Obama administration, demonstrate to any thinking and compassionate person that America is no better, fairer, or concerned with the welfare of its own people than any of the 'evil empires' about which so much has been said. We are becoming a nation of cowards committing one illegal act after another and, morally speaking, no better than the 'terrorists' we claim to be fighting.

Terrorism has won, America has lost sight of every single bit of honor we formerly possessed and we have become no better, and in many ways, worse than those whom we pursue so recklessly and immorally. Indiscriminate killing is murder, and nothing good will ever come from murdering innocent women, children, and the ill and infirm. Especially using a coward's way of killing by using bombs incapable of discerning who is innocent or not.

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