Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Another Matt Taibbi article to read

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This time, he dissects the so-called health care debate.

It's a situation that one would have thought would be sobering enough to snap Congress into real action for once. Instead, they did the exact opposite, doubling down on the same-old, same-old and laboring day and night in the halls of the Capitol to deliver us a tour de force of old thinking and legislative trickery, as if that's what we really wanted. Almost every single one of the main players — from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Blue Dog turncoat Max Baucus — found some unforeseeable, unique-to-them way to fuck this thing up. Even Ted Kennedy, for whom successful health care reform was to be the great vindicating achievement of his career, and Barack Obama, whose entire presidency will likely be judged by this bill, managed to come up small when the lights came on.

We might look back on this summer someday and think of it as the moment when our government lost us for good. It was that bad.

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At 8:51 PM, Blogger The Sailor said...

>"We might look back on this summer someday and think of it as the moment when our government lost us for good. It was that bad."

I've read his work for years, and I admire it, it's well sourced and cogent.

But does he really think this was the defining moment!?


Sorry for shouting, but his hyperbole about this being the 'defining moment' strikes me as, as, as ... silly.

At 8:02 AM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

well, yeah.

but in the context of what elected officials are supposed to do and who they're supposed to represent, nothing reveals the facade quite as well as the health care issue.

With the torture, they COULD POSSIBLY argue that whatever they did, the did in the interest of the safety of the people they represent. THEY COULD say that, it would be a lie, but an argument could be made. With the health care issue, there isn't even a soupcon of representation. It's all greed and power and money.

At 2:55 AM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

I believe I have expressed, in my own shy and reserved way, exactly what I think about health care, our government, and the national shame of failing to care for the least among us. I can be pretty subtle though so it would have been easy to miss it.


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