Friday, September 04, 2009

The bigots come out at night, and now during the day…

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…and I think any school district that uses bigotry to accuse the President of "indoctrinating" their children should have their funding from federal sources immediately cancelled and they should be forced to get by on only what the state can afford.

I know this seems harsh, but otherwise the Great American Experiment is over due to the actions of a paltry few thousand bigots as versus the millions and millions of our citizens who both voted for and support our President.

Better yet, expel them from the Union and see how long they last as states without federal funding.

Bigots, liars, a$$holes teaching their children hatred for someone based on the color of their skin, and don't EVEN try to tell me they are truly afraid Obama is going to "Indoctrinate" their kids to a different way of life controlled by them Negroes because that is 100% pure bull sh*it of a kind that caused the Civil War.

Expel them from the Union, sever all financial ties with them, issue them special colored passports for interstate travel, shut them out of the great promise of democracy, force them to make their own currency backed by the gold standard.

Yeah, I know these ideas are harsh, but our country as a whole fails if we allow the cancer of hatred and bigotry to again take hold and destroy our principals upon the whim of hate-filled idiots.

So to all you phucking idiots out there I say: SECEDE FROM THE UNION and spare us your lies, bigotry, hatred, and the indoctrination of children to hate persons of color, 'cause no one will EVER convince me that these hated and despised worms have anything but evil in their black-hearts and tiny, closed minds.

And remember: your children are watching your hatred and, just as I did as a child, THEY KNOW that you are basing your objections on hatred and not commonsense or any other valid philosophy.

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