Monday, October 26, 2009

My Friends Know What's In Store

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Perhaps you've seen the distraction, (ooh look, something shiny!), between Faux News & the White House. What has been lost in the 'analysis' from all the MMM (Millionaire Multi-Media) is the same thing these stenographers always manage to avoid: are the Admin's accusations true?

Is Faux News an arm of the republican party? Are their news division and opinion division intertwined?


They've been attacking President Obama since he started running. "Terrorist fist jab" came directly from their newsroom. The chairman of Faux News, Roger Ailes worked for the Nixon, Reagan and Bush I campaigns. No need to work 'for' Bush II, Ailes ran the news division.

And while rethiglicans are screaming about 'unprecedented attacks on the media!', MediaMatters have lined up a slew of precedent.

(Quick aside: Something that especially offended me was the NYT's headline Behind the War Between White House and Fox You'd think by now they'd know the difference between statements and people dying in a WAR!)

IRT the 'liberal media', the WaPo and the NYT are both on record as saying they need to cover wrongwing news more (see above link.) Politco founders are on record saying "Drudge rules our world." CNN host Lou Dobbs pushed the birther conspiracy, and the bete noir of conservatives, MSNBC, has 3 straight hours of a rightwing ex-congressman Joe Scarborough spewing in the morning. (BTW Joe, what did happen to that dead intern on your desk?)

One would think that after all the MMM did to push the Bush WH's completely erroneous message on the need for an Iraq War on the American public, and all they did to promote the Clinton WH 'scandals' we could drop the 'liberal media' canard.

The 'he said/she said' skool of reporting only works if you don't have evidence. I think if you investigate abuse and only one person has scars and bruises you can find the truth. But you have to be willing to look. Maybe, just maybe, reporters do tend to be Democrats, but their editors aren't, their owners aren't and the board of directors of the corporations aren't.

But none of them are proven to be such blatant, top down, regurgitating republican talking points of the republican party as Fox News.

Time for some clean up in Ailes 1:

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