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…reader SkippyT who, as I was, was ripped off through some dipsh*t rip-off bunch of thieves operating out of Canada, making it impossible to stop the transaction, protest it, or do anything but get ripped off.

Skippt, who reports:
Skippy T has left a new comment on your post "A fraud warning for dvd buyers about DVDMEDIASTAR....":

I have also been ripped off by these jerks. 187 bucks. I will never get that back. The Bonanza DVD's I got was poor quality some didn't have sound and some froze. The TV station Icons wern't taken out and I didn't get all the episodes. Some episodes were labeled wrong and I got dupicate episodes. Not to mention some had comercials. Don't waste your money with these cons. Research the companies first when you want to buy their product. has the 1st season of Bonanza on DVD. Check it out before buying from these scamming jerks.

Posted by Skippy T to Vidiot Speak at 2:45 PM
DVDMEDIASTAR is nothing but bunch of ripoff jerks operating under the cover of AMAZON, who not only tolerates these thieves but continues to support their endeavors by lending them the tacit approval of AMAZON, 'cause if you keep supporting thieves, ya become known as thieves yourself, don't you AMAZON?

AMAZON holds themselves forward as honest businessmen then abandon you to the thieves to whom they support, aid, and abet, even after it has been reported to them several times and they still continue to give them aid, support and legitimacy then throw their hands into the air like scared little punks, "Oh, my, there's nothing we can do!"

There is a way to stop aiding and abetting thieves reported to you: STOP LISTING THEM so that you don't become associated with them and classified as thieves yourselves, AMAZON!



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