Thursday, February 25, 2010

When is someone going to ask congress and the senate…

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…if, as I had to do recently with a bout of double pneumonia, has anybody asked them how, with no or little health insurance, how they would pay $17,000.00 A NIGHT for the health care given me through the VA as a 100% disabled Vietnam veteran.

$17,000.00, seventeen-thousand dollars for a single night in the county hospital. I literally know NO ONE, not a single friend of mine, other than Warrior Woman who has worked for Target for thirteen years, and even she would soon run up on limits at some point.

EVERYONE ELSE I know, except sick dick, gwb, and all the retired congressman and senators and those now debating health reform would literally be driven into bankruptcy by as small an event as a broken leg, or double pneumonia such as I had.

Unemployment running rampant, people so discouraged at not finding a job that they have given up their search, how much longer do they believe there will be before the food riots starts? Thieves are already mapping out former half-million dollar home neighborhoods, marking the ones still occupied right on the internet!

Fancy-Dandy closed housing is going downhill faster than Olympic champion bobsledders. Just how much more bickering and nauseating repetition of the same old talking points.

Every time Obama asked a republican in what areas they agreed, the republicans bought up nothing but cost, tax-raising, and not a single word about providing care people can afford or offer a single idea about improving care,

We the people, the bosses of these jerkoffs, should immediately cease any health care benefits for any and all to congress and the senate.

Get rid of the massive "defense" departments budget to a miniscule portion, we already have enough nukes no one dares nuke us. Mutually assured destruction is what has basically has protected us while we spend trillions in fruitless wars of benefit to no one; that alone would provide cradle-to-grave care free for every American.

This ridiculous bickering is destroying American and the American ideal and the end grows closer everyday these clowns continue posing for the cameras and harumpf, harumpf, harumph expound endlessly about a subject in which they have no stake whatever. They have theirs, screw the American public, the hell with their constituents, the old out of sight out of mind problem. They should all be forced to be bussed to the cancer wards and look at the children dying of cancer and let the republic stand before the microphones with which they are so enamored and tell everyone why those children should die from lack of care and do nothing but talk about theoretical costs.

It's just way to disgusting to listen to these a$$holes discuss money instead of caring for our citizens.

Damn each and everyone of them to hell. Bastards.

NOTE: I sent this posting to the White House website, although I had to modify it slightly for length. I hope they get the message, America is dying an ugly death thanks to traitors who openly pray and state that they will vote against every piece of legislation Obama supports, just to say NO, regardless of its merits and the fact that many of the measure were initially proposed by REPUBLICANS who are now nothing but traitors. Everyone talks of the upcoming midterm elections, crowing about the the lead republicans fancy they have, I say the American public is plenty smart enough to know which party refuses to do ANYTHING for purely partisan reasons-and it ain't the democrats. So while rethugs sit back, pants down, getting tea-bagged by their acolytes, they may find that they might as well turn around and spread cheeks for what the American public, wiser everyday, has in store for them. And it ain't gonna be pretty.

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