Monday, February 22, 2010

Tell me what it is that makes a republican wonder why a person…

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…is deserving of better treatment than me, just an ordinary person holding no personal religious beliefs of a particular religious bent?

Is it because daily I see examples of republican,and democrats, but primarily republicans, leading lives and setting examples of crass bigotry, living the lies that they are morally superior to democrats and others who would seek to lend a hand to the least of us?

They, and the churches they so regularly attend to further the front that they and their families are religiously superior to the lesser persons not allowed to attend the church because the cardboard boxes in which they have been reduced to sleeping in are, heavens!, blocking the ventilation vents of the church, making it uncomfortable for the paying parishioners. (Tithe payers, don't you know, Gods demand money for their time, millions of dollars a year.)

When these same churches suffer a severe setback, such as a conviction of several of their Holy Men for teaching children how to kneel and pray in the manner god intended, do these churches dip into the Midas-like fortunes of cold hard case to make those churches into sanctuaries for the poor and needy? Oh, beg your pardon, they will instead sell that land upon which they have never paid a penny in land, water, or other usage tax to which their :subjects have always paid, and use that money to settle for pennies on the dollar without compunction, sorrow, misgivings, or any thought as to why their god, their Supreme Being, their Moral Compass whose teaching they espouse, could have sat back with a bag of chips, soft drink sitting aside a bottle of bourbon, gathering his Angels to his sided, turning on his infinitely large TV screen with glasses free 3-D, so they he and the mortals whom have served him, many years past and those many years, hence, in training as Acolytes to him, the Supreme Leader, who loves all men (and occasional a pretty young thing, under 12 preferably).

And in return for Man's stupid willingness, without a shred of proof, not one iota of empirical evidence, seeks World Domination for all time and an inexhaustible supply of young, the most gullible of all, who believe and trust the most outrageous of fantasy stories, just as much as they wonder at Avatar, Spiderman, Wolverine, the X-men, the incredible HULK, and so many others that…uh…wait!…wait!… those allegorical characters with their personal flaws and failings, not a single one of them have raped children, had daughters whom they engaged in 'marriage' ceremonies swearing they would have no sex without anyone but their Creators, their fathers.

Maybe that's where man went wrong, seeking themselves to be Deities since they all know that if religion were true they would certainly burn in hell.

NOTE: The contents of this post are mine, admittedly growing ever more insane, but I'll see your Lord and raise by two Hulks.

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At 10:58 PM, Blogger ellroon said...

Thor is better and could take out two Hulks in a heartbeat.

At 11:27 AM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

A valid supposition, but I think we could both be making a serious mistake to exclude Dr. Strange.

At 4:47 PM, Blogger ellroon said...

Damn! Forgot about him...


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