Friday, March 12, 2010

The Healthcare debate is just a bunch of noise.

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Well, one can't really call it a debate. What is basically happening is a bunch of folks are sort of yelling at each other and accusing each other of a whole bunch of things: It'll raise rates. It's a boon to the insurance companies. Government-managed anything is bloated and ineffective. More people will be covered. Less people will be covered. There will be death panels. Abortion will be restricted. It'll save money in the long run. It'll cost money in the long run. It's socialism!

Honestly, I can't make heads or tails of it. And I tried. I really did. I tried to read the actual bill, but my word, it's too long. I tried to read "trusted" sources evaluating the bill, but for the most part, those sources were too biased one way or the other to be entirely believed.

So, where does that leave me? That leaves me sure of one thing: that this bill, no matter in what form it is passed, no matter how many riders or signing statements or well-intentioned amendments it has, it will not change anything for any people. Sure, some folks will get shifted around, but some folks won't. Some folks will pay more, some will pay less, and some won't pay at all. It'll all be about the same as it is now with only a teeny weeny bit of change so the politicians have something to wave around at election time.

But you can be sure of on thing: it will change the same thing every bit of legislation ever changes; it will give more power to corporations, in this case, the health insurance companies.

Which means there is no way this so-called healthcare reform reforms anything. It mainly reinforces the class structure in this country, maintaining the weak in their vulnerable position while solidifying the power at the top, which, in this case, is the power of life and death.

In the mish-mosh that is this healthcare reform debate, the one thing they don't want you looking at is how it will solidify the power at the top.

Which explains all the goddamn noise.



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