Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reality v Movies

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You know, as a society, we're sort of comfortable with the concept of a hero saving the day. It started with Superman, Batman, Spiderman. All of them bailed us out of dire, no escape situations. More recently, we have actors like Stallone, Willis, and Will Smith doing the saving. Now, the actors are crossing over into real life.

Behold, the new action hero, Keven Costner.
So remember that time in Waterworld when that machine could turn urine into clean water? Well, Kevin Costner was apparently so inspired by the technology, and so devastated by the Exxon-Valdez spill, that he paid scientists millions of dollars to develop a similar system for oil. The resulting centrifuge machines, named "Ocean Therapy," will now be applied to the Gulf of Mexico. The world actually has Waterworld to thank for something.
Well, he may not be a superb actor, but at least he's not wasting his time drinking and drugging like the rest 'em. And hey! If it works, he can play himself in the movie!

I give him a VidiotSpeak Thumbs Up!

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