Monday, June 28, 2010

Waste Deep in the Big Oily

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Governor Bobby Jindal is a piece of ... work:
Gov. Bobby Jindal urges Obama to get deepwater drilling back quickly

Jindal vetoes bill to open oil spill records

Jindal's statement doesn't address the specific question of why Louisiana is using only 1,053 of the 6,000 National Guard troops available to the state.
But, but, he has a better plan!
I, Bobby Jindal, Governor of the State of Louisiana, do hereby proclaim June 27, 2010 as a Statewide Day of Prayer In the State of Louisiana and in the Gulf of Mexico.
Jesus Christ Bobby, don't you think god already knows about the spill, and that your policies are helped cause it!? Instead of asking folks to pray how about asking them to go down to the shore and clean some birds or use those absorbent ShamWows to clean up the mess.

I mean, for god's sake Bobby, first you say you turned down the stimulus money, then you're caught handing out big checks of the stimulus money and taking credit for it; you say the Feds should back off while whining that they're not doing enough!

The only thing you have going for you in the party of gNOPE is you have been out dumbed by your fellow Gulf Coast Governors. And that's not a nice thing to say about anyone.

Bobby et al, pray in one hand, shit in the other. Let me know which one gets full first.

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