Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ok, ok, 'k, lemme make sure I've got this right…

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…the entire country is drowning in insurmountable debt (you don't honestly believe we will ever be able or want to pay off all that debt do you?)

…the housing market keeps spiraling downward because

…millions bought into the bush/republican mantra of, "Home ownership! Home ownership!"

…while they knew all the politicians on both sides were being bought and sold to Big Banks like Monopoly pieces

…that led to the banking crisis as the kiting of worthless securities based on real estate blew up in their faces

…leading to massive job loss as companies expedited their move to tax havens and cheaper labor overseas

…exacerbating the dire unemployment here in America and

…the inevitable purse-string tightening that meant no more small loans from banks and usurious credit rates (You can't honestly, or with a straight face, say that the only people loaning money to the 'common man' at interest rates of 125%-400% aren't practicing usury, with no worries that congress will reign them in anytime soon.)

…with Big Oil buying up and sure to shutdown or block 'green' methods of producing power (which would provide jobs for the good ole U.S.A.)

…record numbers of home foreclosures

…record numbers of bankruptcies being filed

…record number of homeless

…record numbers of people without even basic health care

…people forced to chose between taking vital medication or skipping it to open a new can of cat food for supper

…one illegal war finally slowing down

…while the 'hot war' in Afghanistan keeps endlessly killing American soldiers and depleting even further the equipment needed to train future armies

…which, speaking of the military, is allowing more waivers from crooks, burglars, drug dealers, and other criminals allowing them to enlist and placing them smack dab in the heroin and opium markets in Afghanistan

…more cities than ever are going belly-up, including NYC, with a current debt of over $7,000 per man, woman, and child

…and the biggest thing of concern to many of our politicians, from both sides of the aisle, is whether or not the placement of a Mosque near Ground Zero constitutes a critical danger to the citizens of New York and will be the planning center for more harrowing attacks on America.

Yeah, Yeah, that's the ticket…I think I get it now.

Ciao, Bella ámi.

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