Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"The Beatles were the Beatles because they spent ten thousand hours playing German strip clubs…"

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"…and, as a result, became the Beatles." Source Unknown [I remember now that it was Jimmy Page in a special with Jack Black and Slash that said this in, It Might Get Loud. Bill]

This quote, and others similar in intent and meaning, used to always serve me well whenever I might be discussing how to be a better street cop, or pianist, or gymnast, or bounty hunter, or excel at virtually any type of endeavor, but politics and politicians seem to have some kind of built in brain entropy that seems to me, for the most part, means that the longer anyone spends in elected public service the more entrenched they become in the 'old way,' and that lends itself to a devolution of ideas and progress instead of leading the person into becoming a Beatle, a political rock star, the Rocky of the political ring, the Seabiscuit of Triple Crown fame.

What is truly remarkable is how much shorter the time has come for a politician to attempt founding his own patronage and fiefdom and the outright arrogance in their manner of attempting to seize hold of and control a particular arm of government to the end of gaining control of as much money as possible to send back to their home states as 'earmarks' which until recently had become a dirty word.

"Stop the earmarks, decrease taxes on the ubёr wealthy, cut spending, increase defense spending, cut social programs, eliminate social security, eliminate health care, get rid of Medicare, no abortion…," all these and more used to be the rallying cry of Clan GOP.

Then the 'Teabagging' Party came along, made lots of noise with all the standard bromides to establish their 'conservative credentials', leading the GOP to eat some of their own young and withdraw support from some GOP Establishment candidates in favor of this seemingly popular with the masses party. I think it is a move that they are perhaps regretting already.

Look how they flatly threw Lisa Murkowski overboard without so much as a rotten plank of wood to keep her afloat against her primary challenger Joe the Plumber…uh…Joe I'll-Spare-Him-the-Humiliation-of-Further-Identifying-Him, yet she not only survived, she has won; although the other Joe won't admit it.

My question: With whom, or what party, will she caucus? She initially ran as Republican, but after the throat-slitting done her by Republicans does anyone expect that she will caucus with that party? Will she caucus with Independents who mostly caucus with the Democratic Party, or will she just forthrightly declare that she will change her alliance altogether to the Democratic Party?

And in the meantime we now have the delicious satisfaction of watching already feeling entitled Teabaggers openly declaring that , "…earmarks are good and we won't ours NOW!" A spit in the eye of the GOP Establishment's almost rabid, visceral, reflexive rants that earmarks are b-a-a-d and must be stopped. What a delightful circus for public consumption! Earmarks bad, earmarks good, earmarks are to enrich Teabaggers, earmarks are the bane of the GOP.

They're [earmarks] good! They're bad! They're good! They're bad! Oh, hell, let's just call the whole thing off.

Me? I'm gonna just sit and watch the fun of an already archaic party that has done naught but harm America for the last forty years or so (minus a couple of brief moments of sanity, Democratic presidents, and budgetary surpluses). The GOP bet a large part of the farm that they could draw or split votes by using the Teabaggers as stalking horses.

They just didn't know how voracious and insatiable the Teabaggers really are and that they would now have to split their assets and votes in an effort to rein in those stalking horses.

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