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Getting settled has been almost as much fun as watching the republican teabaggers going thru…

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…Conniption fits with everyone in the party declaring their candidacy except the janitors at the respective campaign headquarters…but I hear they will be declaring before November.

One of the latest to declare is Thaddeus McCotter, a representative of Michigan, that car making state. (I’m not being insulting or facetious here, I like the cars from Michigan.) For the life of me I could not remember ever even hearing of this guy before but he did use all the right buzzwords to satisfy the republican teabaggers.

But really, can you just hear him being announced at public or private events: Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States, Thaddeus McCotter. It’d be like Back to the Future ‘cept instead of going back to 1955 McCotter-McFly would be going back to 1855 or 1755 or anywhere in between.

One thing though, with a name like that growing up must have been a bitch, what with all the teasing from children with names like Peggy Sue or Jim Bob and all those other common American names.

One position he holds is bound to endear him to all lovers of conflict and that is obstinate refusal to allow a Palestinian State.

It is apparently with a great deal of pride that he introduced a resolution in the House, H.R.2261, last month to the effect of:
McCotter Files Legislation re U.N. Acknowledgment of Palestinian “Statehood” 06/22/2011

In response to the Palestinian Authority’s lobbying of United Nations Assembly members to legitimize its claim to international status as a "state," U.S. Representative Thaddeus G. McCotter (MI) has introduced H.R.2261, to withhold United States contributions to the United Nations or a United Nations agency if the United Nations or such agency supports the recognition of an independent Palestinian “state.”
How typically republican teabagger can you get? Israel has been ignoring UN Resolution 242, which required Israel to return to within its previous borders and allow everyone else to return to their homelands within the formerly drawn borders since 1967, yet the Palestinians are, in McCotter’s opinion, so unworthy of statehood, much less the return of all the farmland seized or returning the Golan Heights to Syria, that he would use that as a pretext to withhold all American contributions to the UN. As if we pay them anyway…well…from time to time we make payments.

Oh, well, this is standard operating procedure for republican teabaggers.

Hey, I just now remembered that Thaddeus McCotter is a mythical creature who lives in Wonderland where, disguised as a rabbit, he runs around looking at his timepiece exclaiming, “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!” Why he is running no one knows although speculation has it that he is married to the Red Queen. He, the Red Queen, had no comment.

And as to getting settled in at our new house things are going swimmingly. I’d forgotten the convenience and comfort offered by central heating and air conditioning. This is the first summer in 16 years that I am not suffering extra-terrible chronic pain from the inevitable temperature swings that light up my pain centers like a pin ball machine. Instead I have just my ordinary terrible chronic pain but all-in-all the difference is significantly better.

I also have a room all my own where I can place my 2,500+ DVD collection and I can display on the walls of the room several dozens of my 250+ knives from my knife collection. Years ago (it seems like another lifetime) I had over 500+ knives in my collection (I was making real money then) and it pained me to no end when I got hit with my cancers, couldn’t work, and had to watch them go out my door for pennies on the dollar; but hey, ya do what ya gotta do.

I love limited edition knives, especially those made by Böker in Solingen, Germany. Some of their damascus steel knives are beautiful beyond my ability describe and are made with some very special military grade steels from WWII Leopard Tank barrels, Mauser machine guns that fired 1800 rounds per minute, and the armor plating from the Tirpitz, a battleship second in size only to the Bismarck, that was sunken in the fjords of Norway. All of these are very limited editions of 250, 500, or 1000 made for worldwide distribution.

I have a real predilection for Bowie knives and daggers and I have a wonderful selection of these from around the world. Spain, Germany, Norway, Russia, Sweden, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Argentina, China and American made; all fabulous examples of fine craftsmanship and, most being handmade, no two can ever be identical.

And I can display them as I wish! My Warrior Woman did allow me to hang two special limited edition swords and one elegant display of fully functional traditional katana, wakizashi, and tanto in the living room only because they are so gorgeous they enhance the decoration of the room. But my room is ALL mine and I put up a few knives a day so I don’t overtax myself. I’m in no hurry since we own the joint.

Since the house already had a very fine alarm system I had my “office” heavily protected with heat, motion, glass breakage, door sensors and few specialty devices I won’t describe here. (I still keep tabs on Tom Cruise though.)

So forgive me but I must return to traveling through time and space until I figure out where I am today.

Ciao, Bella ámi.

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