Monday, February 27, 2006

Bush needs a war, and he needs one bad.

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Update: Call me prescient 'cause I am.

The Dubai port thing 'sploded in his face. Even members of his own party are coming out against him. Dick has become a legend with regards to the shooting accident. Not only that, Dick et al "found" a bunch of emails with regards to the Plame investigation. (Really, can you picture the conversation about this. "Hey Albert! What's worse? Deleting the emails or having what's in them exposed?" Albert probably said, "Uh sir, destroying evidence is waaaaay worse.") GW's poll numbers are still down, Enron is in the news again, Abramoff and DeLay are making some noise, New Orleans is in the news because of Mardi Gras, perception of the economy (which is everything) is not good. The latest move by Japan to start charging interest on loans will greatly effect investment in US bonds. Remember, it's the foreign investment here that helps us finance our huge deficit. Add to that the rumblings that Iran will start it's own oil bourse (and so is Norway by the way) and the fact that Chavez keeps threatening to turn off the spigot makes the whole economic situation even more precarious.

Meanwhile, a new meme has developed with regard to Korea and our economy. A story, out on Sunday, stated that they had found a "Dollar Factory" in Korea. I feel like they're trying to plant a possible explanation for hyperinflation that will be occurring. Remember when I mentioned that the government will stop reporting on M3 money production. (M3 being the amount of money that is printed by the Fed. to "match" GDP. It's all very complicated, but this gist is, if nobody knows how much money is being pumped into the economy, nobody will know how the economy is really doing.) One of the possible negative results of flooding the system with dollars would be hyperinflation. If they have it out there that Korea is the one printing up all the money, making the dollar worthless, then nobody will blame the Fed (even though it'll be the Fed that's actually pumping in the dollars.) Clever little monkeys.

Also meanwhile, Iraq is getting worse DESPITE what you might be hearing from the spinners. Just read Juan Cole regularly if you want to get a feel for what's really going on over there. He understands what's going on in Iraq and he doesn't have to worry about poll numbers so he's telling it like it is. He even mentions that there are some, like me, who think that the US is behind the cartoon mayhem and the bombing of the mosque.
Excerpt: Former CIA analyst a and presidential advisor Ray McGovern does not rule out Western involvement in this week's Askariya mosque bombing in light of previous false flag operations that have advanced hidden agendas of the ruling elite.
I mean, if you think about it, it makes sense. If it gets crazy enough, not only with the US have a reason to stay, if it gets pushed hard enough and there's an attack on Americans somewhere, then another war can be started. And, like I said, Bush needs another war. There's too much going on that makes Bush look bad AND that people are beginning to notice. He's always done stuff to make him look bad, but nobody was really paying attention.

I have to say, one of my more die-hard republican friends (a "free market gal" as she likes to call herself) was even thrown by the Dubai thing. When people like her are going "Hey! Wait a gosh darned minute there!" you KNOW Bush is in trouble.

And, historically, during his presidency, when Bush does bad, terror happens.

So many of us here in the blogosphere have been saying for so long now that the more trouble the administration is in, the more like some sort of "terror attack" will occur. Maybe all of us saying it over and over again had been staving it off. Mostly because the more people who are aware of a possible connection, the less likely the administration will be to utilize such a strategy. But these guys can only go so long like this. They're running out of options. And they're laying the groundwork for something nasty.
Excerpt: The report describes a vision of America as a militaristic society, where civilian institutions are partially controlled by the military and every individual adopts a bunker mentality of vigilence and submission to an all-knowing and all-powerful benevolent leader. It's a vision that Chairman Mao and Dick Cheney would both heartily embrace. Much like the situation in Iraq, the "conservative" solution to every problem is to throw the military at it.
Like I always say, call me paranoid. Everyone else does.


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