Sunday, April 23, 2006

As promised, folks get the main page for a good rant

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In response to the The day before tomorrow.... post Anonymous said:

Your "rant" is well taken. We do need to clean house. Nothing works the way its supposed to thanks to the cockamamie way everybody manipulates the system, and lies and cheats. There was a time when people were honorable. There was a time when people loved their country and respected their fellow countrymen. Our country is no longer what it was designed to be. Tell me: How does one teach a mass course in ethics to people who don't even know what that word means? It's daunting. Who is out there to make things better? Who is capable of accomplishing this return to order? If you know, don't point him/her out because it's a sure thing that whoever it is would be destroyed by all who are now holding the reins so very tightly.

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