Monday, May 15, 2006

Rove Watch

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Will turdblossom be indicted this week? Jason Leopold over at seems to think so. William Rivers Pitt got a clarification from him on the timing. So, bottom line, look for an indictment late Monday or sometime on Tuesday.

I don't want to speculate any more than that. I don't want to get my hopes up. Though, you can be sure, if the turdblossom is indicted, that will not negate his coordination of the GOPs 2006 election effort. He'll just be behind the scenes.

But the champagne is chilling....

Update: Was someone setting up the otherwise usually accurate Jason Leopold?
Excerpt: The administration could provide a tasty bit of disinformation to Leopold’s sources and the attention of the reporter along with a fair amount of the progressive press would be turned to a story that would turn out to be false. This story and the rapid discovery that it was a hoax would overshadow the embarrassing filing by Prosecutor Fitzgerald. Indeed, it would overshadow the entire CIA Leak-Gate investigation or at least the reporting thereof for some time.
Could explain why MSM hasn't really run with it and also I have to commend the blogosphere for not jumping into its usual blog frenzy over it.

Update 2: Leopold is sticking to his story and his sources.


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