Monday, May 15, 2006

Well THAT was creepy!

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Just watched Mr. Giggles give his little speech on immigration.

OK. For one thing, Mr. Vidiot is still yelling in the background here at the TV. We are both incensed at the concept of "building walls at the border" and "increasing surveillance" and "adding patrols" and "increasing the capacity of detention centers." I mean, it's frightening! Wall off the country! Damn SPLENDID idea.

And the democratic response! Holy SHIT! What crap that was. Of all the things to disagree on, and there's a lot, they decided to poke GW for not being efficient enough?! WTF! "Oh, well, we asked for those troops two years ago. And he's not given them to us. Waaaaaah." and "He's leaving out details. Waaaaah." For chrissakes!

Listen, the real issue is this -- and it's very simple. The real issue is fuck the surveillance and the walls and the police and the penalties. The real issue is WORK WITH MEXICO. Force Mexico and the corporations that operate there start to make Mexico a place PEOPLE WANT TO LIVE IN! How hard is that? Increase the living wage. Stop polluting everything. Stop exploiting everything. Mexico has plenty of natural resources. Share the wealth with the people. Create good schools, assist with housing, whatever it takes. That is the one SURE way to reducing our immigration problem. The solution IS NOT shoring up the police state.

CHEERISTE! We're steaming mad here at the Vidiot household.

The speech was scary, disturbing, annoying and the response by the democrats was flaccid and lame.

And what was up with George's forehead? It was all red and mottled. Weird.

Update: My mother was watching CNN's Larry King and she said Edward James Olmos was on and he said something like "well, they can't do anything about the problem. Mexico must become a first world country and that would solve the problem" (I paraphrase, of course) and Larry King got all nervous and cut to commercial. It wasn't mentioned when they returned.



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