Wednesday, May 17, 2006

With much fanfare,

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the Pentagon 9/11 tapes have been released, in an effort to disprove all those "conspiracy theorists" out there (and of course, the words "conspiracy theorists" must be said with a tone oozing with sarcasm) who insist that no plane hit the Pentagon. Go here, watch, then come back.

OK. What did you see? I didn't see a plane. I'm not one of those "no plane at the Pentagon" people, but I didn't see any plane. If this is the best the government has to dispel conspiracy theories, they're in a whole heap o' trouble. There are two shots there and neither of them seem conclusive. Also, there are many other surveillance tapes that aren't being seen. There was a CITGO station across the street. Within minutes of the hit, the FBI confiscated the CITGO tapes. The owner never even saw them. And that's one I know about. What about the rest of the cameras? We live in veritable panopticon for chrissakes and only two cameras were pointing at the Pentagon? WTF?

And watching the evening news last night was like watching a bad movie. They played the tape, said the word "conspiracy theorists" like 10 times, and insisted that the plane could CLEARLY be seen, like, a bunch of times. "You will believe what we tell you. You are under our spell. Resistance is futile."

Part of me is like, there are so many inconsistencies and indiscrepancies that there simply has to be a conspiracy afoot. The other part of me is, if the government is so lame as to think that just releasing these tapes will dispel the myth, then how could they POSSIBLY be able to pull off a conspiracy this big!

That's if you believe the government did it though. I don't.

Update: More tapes to come.

Update 2: This guy really looked at the videos VERY closely and came to the same conclusions I did.
Excerpt: It strikes me that something flew into the Pentagon. I don't know what to say though because it also appears nearly as certain from all of the comparisons that the size, bright color and reflection of the object in the videos does not match what you would expect from a 757-200. I am NOT endorsing a missile or anything else! I am just looking at the physical evidence without a conclusion.
It does seem that they do not want us to have any clear picture of what it was exactly.....for now. I think the warnings people have made about a possible booby trap are valid. Don't bite on all of this and go on a tangent. They could pull something solid (or apparently solid) out of the bag and ridicule us later. We should focus on the irrefutable evidence like the demolition of WTC7, the free-fall speed of the towers, Norad, PNAC etc., in other words, things that are WELL documented. The Pentagon situation is always going to be a sticky mess. I think they have made themselves look bad enough without any more help from us.


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