Thursday, June 08, 2006

Irony. They should look it up.

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Bush decided to go off on one of his favorite targets, Hugo Chavez. At the very end of this article though, he says something so bizarre, so unbeeeeleeeevably ironic that I actually did a spit take. Honestly. I had to change my keyboard.
Excerpt: But Bush added: "It's going to take awhile. Sometimes leaders show up who do a great disservice to the traditions and people of a country."
Indeed. (I'll wait while you swap out your keyboard.)


You back? Ok, let's compare, shall we?

“Venezuela has achieved substantial improvements in the fight against poverty. The statistical evidence that we have compiled shows that from 1995 to 2005 the number of homes under the poverty line has decreased,� stated the World Bank.

The organization said that in these years the number of homes in poverty decreased from more than 40% to 30%



(You know, I couldn't pick just one story on how much "disservice" he's done, so I'm just linking to my 6/6/6 blog entry that has a lot of links in it. )


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