Thursday, June 22, 2006

We Heart HAVA, but Repubs Don't HAVA Heart*

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*Yeah, yeah, I know, this post is about the Voting Rights Act, not the Help America Vote Act, but I couldn't resist the headline;-)

The south will be risible again:
House delays renewal of Voting Rights Act
Well, not exactly. The dems in the house didn't delay it, just some repubs. And how did they delay it? I'm glad you asked!

They did it by blocking it from a floor vote. Funny how Rethugs are all about 'up or down' votes until they object to legislation. If the DNC was smart, (stop laughing, I said 'if'), they'd pound this issue in the next election.

Let's continue:
House GOP leaders on Wednesday postponed the renewal of the 1965 Voting Rights Act under objections from Southern Republicans who complained during a private meeting that the legislation unfairly singles out their states for federal oversight, a leadership aide said.
Golly, why would Southern states be singled out? Aside from the 'poll taxes', 'stricken from the rolls', lynchings, rebel flags, KKK candidates, I can't think of a single reason ... well maybe this one:
One such measure, sponsored by Rep. Steve King (R-wackjob), would have stripped a provision that requires ballots to be printed in several languages and interpreters be provided in states and counties where large numbers of citizens speak limited English.
In case anyone besides Rep King hasn't noticed, the most obvious example is Puerto Rico, which is a dominion of the US and English isn't their native language. King also admitted that his district isn't required to use multi-language ballots. so what the hell is his problem ... well aside from the obvious.

And then there are all of the other non-native english speakers who are citizens of the US, who love this country and want to participate in our theocracy democracy.

The new GOP slogan: If we think you won't vote for us, we'll make it harder for you to vote. (see: poor people, Democrat districts, blacks, hispanic Americans, ... ad nauseum.)


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