Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Funny, isn't it.

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They have $3 billion a week for the Iraq war, yet NO $$ to treat the 9/11 workers.
Excerpt: Is this a new 9/11 conspiracy The New York Times is reporting? That “roughly $40 million that was set aside by the federal government to treat rescue workers, volunteers and firefighters who became ill after helping with the 9/11 cleanup and recovery will run out in months, physicians and federal officials said yesterday.” And the fund goes broke while the war meter ticks in Iraq at nearly $3 billion a week?
Guess they won't have any money for any of these either.
Excerpt: We talked a while back about the planned solar power tower in Australia. Well, a functioning experimental solar power tower has been generating the juice in Spain for quite some time. The project plant is really pretty exciting, and though there's still the whole "ugly giant pipe on the horizon" problem, I very much like the idea, and could see it generating cost-effective energy sooner than most alternative technologies.
So, in summation:
Money for war: Check!

Money for people who were on the frontlines of that war before that war even started: No!

Money for energy that would make the aformentioned war unnecessary: Hell No!


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