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Honestly, I don't like to be a doom and gloom kind of blogger. But lately, I've been reading a lot about the economy, and well, it makes me wish that when we went to Europe last year that we had come back with more than a handful of Euros. Between the $3.5 trillion deficit, oil bourses switching to the euro, wild rumors that China will drop the dollar, and as the dollar sinks (how low will it go) reporters are writing "Well, the dollar is just not as important as it used to be.", I'm a little edgy.

There's a lot of rampant speculation on the internet about everything and anything -- from weather control to mind control, to alien lizards disguised as the Bush family. But the one subject that seems most plausible is the speculation that the goal of the corporatists is to form a North American union. The groundwork was established with the NAFTA agreements. And now, the next step is to collapse the dollar.
Excerpt: "Creating the amero," Chapman explained, "will be presented to the American public as the administration's solution for dollar recovery. In the process of creating the amero, the Bush administration just abandons the dollar."
Now, I've been called, by a poster in the comment section, a one-worlder or some such. Meaning that I support the UN becoming the end-all, be-all in global management. Nothing could be farther from the truth. For one thing, the UN is a nightmare. Case in point: I did some graphic freelance work back in August for one of their itty-bitty little departments. I've not been paid yet. Basically, I had to fill out 4 or 5 different forms, I had to find information from my bank that most of the bank employees didn't know, then, it had to all be sent to Geneva. Then, Geneva came back and asked if I'd ever worked there before. I had, as a temp secretary during the GA in 1988 for chrissakes. Frankly, I'm expecting a request for a sacrificial puppy before they'll even think of releasing a check to me for a measely couple of hundred dollars. But that's the UN in a nutshell. They can't pay a freelancer a few hundred dollars within six months. What makes anyone think they can solve a world crises in anything less than six hundred years!

Not only that, I'm all for local economies. I'd rather buy a dozen eggs from my local producer that charges 50 cents more then industrial eggs from the other side of the country. I'd rather go to a small hardware store owned and run by locals. Hell, I'd prefer to have "New York Dollars" made and used in a sort of barter system throughout the city. Smaller is better as far as I'm concerned.

Which is why the concept of an amero scares me. The EU has worked, but it has major issues. And there's an homogeneity that's developing over there with problems and such that I don't like. And while the Euro is a powerful currency, there's no saying if the same thing can happen over here. The Americas are different. The corporatists are here. And they're the ones that have really screwed things up.

I don't know where I'm going with this line of thought and I don't know why I'm so uneaasy about it. I just know that it makes me really uneasy.


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